Before you begin….. Prepare mentally as well as physically.  Begin “seeing” yourself on vacation.  Remember, your journey is to a different world, a different culture and a different pace.  Have fun!  Give yourself permission to cut loose and forget about the daily routine and all of life’s “have to’s.”  Be yourself.  Relax, take in “the spirit” of travel and create for yourself many vivid mental pictures that you will carry with you for a lifetime.  

Top Italy Travel Tips…..

1.  You must have an airline ticket and a valid passport in order to travel abroad.  BE SURE YOUR PASSPORT DOES NOT EXPIRE PRIOR to the date of re-entry to the United States. Non US citizens must obtain a visa in addition to their passport. U.S. citizens need only a passport.  For information on obtaining a passport, go to .  For information on obtaining a visa contact the Consulate. 

2.  Make two copies of your passport.  You should leave one copy with a friend or relative at home and take the other copy with you.  Remember not to keep the copy in the same location as your original passport.

3.  Take your driver’s license as a second form of identification.  Do NOT pack your original passport in your suitcase. It is shown at airport ticket and boarding gates, border entries and as identification if you wish to cash a traveler’s check.  You don’t want to risk being separated from your passport.

4.  Leave copies of your itinerary, passport data page with family or friends at home so that you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

5.  It is advisable, but not an absolute necessity, to change $100 into euro at a local bank before leaving the United States.  Call your bank to inquire about ordering a foreign currency and ask about the bank’s process.  Having “cash” on hand upon arrival in Italy can be helpful, especially for weekend flight arrivals when banks are closed.  At the airport you may have an opportunity to change money at rather favorable rates.  You may also wish to have U.S. cash in small bills, so it may be changed at your hotel if the banks are closed. 

6.  Try packing your bags and then carry them for a hundred yards or more before your trip.  Is it manageable?  If you don’t absolutely have to have an item and can’t see yourself using it at least every other day of the trip, then leave it behind.  Keeping your hands as free as possible makes traveling much easier.  You feel more in control if you have easy access to your travel documents and if you are easily able to keep track of your belongings.

7.  Do not become a target for thieves by wearing conspicuous clothing and expensive jewelry.  Do not carry excessive amounts of cash or unnecessary credit cards.

8.  Carry ALL of your prescription medications on your person (pockets) or in your carry-on bag!  You do not want to risk an illness or miss a scheduled medication due to flight delays and/or lost baggage.

9.  Carry a small medical kit.  In the kit have aspirin/ibuprofen, immodium, pepto bismol, cold/allergy pills, bandaids, some alcohol wipes, bacitracin/neosporin and flu medicine.

10.  Bring an old washcloth in your carry-on bag. Once through customs stop, wash your face, moisturize and maybe even new/clean makeup. You’ll last longer and feel cleaner throughout this first day. And speaking of the first day, you have to fight the urge to sleep!  The first day of your trip, the desire to take a short nap is unbelievable…DON’T!!! When you check in to your hotel, put your bags down, get refreshed and go see the sights…at least take a stroll! The key is to stay up until 11pm (or later) the first day and the jet lag is gone by the following morning. If you take a nap you won’t know your name for 3 days!


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