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Experience Italy, Inc. of Arizona  will arrange hotel reservations, private transfers, guided city tours (both organized group or private), rental cars and train reservations. In some cases, we can reserve museums in advance (to avoid waiting in line) and obtain the theater tickets you prefer. We are also happy to provide recommendations on shopping, restaurants and special points of interest.


We plan your entire tour and package (based on the services selected and according to your budget) so that there is one total price. This eliminates any worry for you regarding currency transactions on hotel bills, getting the right rail ticket or missing out on an important museum because you weren’t aware of its hours and days of operation.


As part of Experience Italy, Inc. of Arizona services, we are happy to provide you with a customized draft itinerary and quote (based on your total budget). To proceed with your quote, we do require a non-refundable fee of $100 that will be discounted from the total package cost at time of final payment.  If, following our consultation and quotes, for any reason you should decide not to proceed with travel plans, the $100 fee will cover our time and planning costs.


Why We Charge A Non-refundable Fee - An Explanation

Experience Italy, Inc. of Arizona, does not have tours that are pre-planned or pre-packaged; therefore, published group rates for hotel accommodations and ground transportation do not apply. As a rule, our trips cost about 10-15 % more than standard tourist packages. Tour costs differ based on individual requirements.  Whether you plan to travel to Italy on a budget or are planning the luxury trip of a lifetime, the amount of effort that we put in on our part is the same so that your Italy travel package is specific to your needs.

The exact cost of your trip cannot be determined until after your custom itinerary is booked and is subject to change based on the Euro exchange rate at the time final payment is made. Please keep in mind that the final pricing of your tour is inclusive of this process and the accommodations and services themselves. We do not provide an itemized list of individual costs, which include processing, communications, and administrative fees. It is the complex nature of the work that makes the deposit non refundable. A lot of people are involved both in the U.S. and in Italy. We therefore urge you to ensure that you are covered by travel insurance.

Special Note On Costs:  The last few years have seen unprecedented increases in costs all over the world, due to a combination of the high cost of fuel, the weak dollar and inflation in the cost of living in many areas of the world including Italy. Overall hotels and ground transportation have increased a further 15% on top of the previous years 30%, however we have only marginally increased our costs from previous years to keep our travel product a competitive one. We will gladly work with you to ensure that we maximize your travel dollar within your budget. At the high end of the range we have enhanced services and included more special activities.

Since all our hotels are on a request basis, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to confirm a specific property. Should one hotel not be available, we will suggest hotels comparable in location, quality and price. 



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