From the beautiful waters of Lake Como                                                        to the canals of Venice                                  

como                             canalsvenice                  

to the rolling green landscapes of Tuscany                                                     to the hustle, bustle and ruins of Rome

greensoftus                            ruins

to the quiet beauty of the Amalfi Coast                                                         to the enchanted isle of Sicily

amalficoast                           sicily

We are pleased to recommend a full selection of hotels, bed & breakfasts and villa/farmhouses for your consideration. These range from centrally located city sites in Venice, Florence and Rome, to scenic locations on the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Portofino and Santa Margherita; or lakeside at Lake Como and Lake Maggiore; Sicily and to charming properties in many of the smaller cities. You also may be interested in our distinctive historic inns located throughout the country. All our hotels are in the three to five-star categories, with costs starting at approximately $225 per day for a double room. That cost includes tax, service and breakfast. All of our hotels feature rooms with private baths.

Experience Italy, Inc. of Arizona offers a wide variety of services to make your Italian “experience” a memorable one.   Here are just a few of the many things we can include in your Italy travel package:


-Airline tickets

-Cooking classes

-Wine tastings & tours

-Olive oil tastings

-Pecorino Cheese production tour

-Private (behind the scenes) tour of the Vatican

-Private (behind the scenes) tour of the Doge’s Palace

-Private guided walking tours in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and many other cities

-Group walking tours in many major cities

-Opera Tickets

-Museum Reservations

-Rail Tickets with seat reservations (where applicable)

-Car Rentals

-Private Car & Driver

-Private Boat tours to the Isle of Capri

-Group Tours to the Isle of Capri

-Restaurant Recommendations

-Shopping Recommendations

-Sightseeing Recommendations


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